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Another Man Down

Well, seems that Death has called locally again, wielding his scythe not far from The Bedford public house. Old guy, Harry. Went down hill quickly in the last 8 months, lost interest in personal hygiene and drank too much (not the best thing in the world as he was a diabetic). Anyway, they found him dead in his flat yesterday (Thursday) evening.

Strange thing is, I was walking along Balham High Road when the ambulance raced past. I saw it turn into a road leading to The Bedford, and I thought to myself jokingly "I bet that's for old Harry". Sure enough, when I got to The Bedford, the ambulance was outside Harry's place (across the road from the pub). I'd like to say my musing was coincidence. But about a month ago, a face popped into my head. It was someone I used to serve in my days as steward of a snooker club near Glasgow. Hadn't thought about this man in years, and a couple of days later, my Dad told me that he'd just died.

Moving on to less morbid things, I found a beautiful creature on my way home tonight. A stag beetle. Easily 6 or 7cm long. Elytra glinting in the light of a streetlamp. It was in the middle of the pavement, and not wanting some fool's boot to squash it, old muggins 'ere decided to pick it up. Let's just say the beetle didn't take too kindly to being disturbed, and being female, decided to test out it's bite on my hand. Like being stabbed with two sharp pins =(

Anyway, best get to sleep. Have to wait in all day for a credit card to be delivered, don't want to nod off and miss the courier.


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