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May. 20th, 2010

It May be...

So another month passes. Not entirely fruitless. I finally got paid for a web project I got a commission for.

My courses at RSAMD and the Citizens Theatre are going ok, with public performances inbound in June! Better get my lines learned.

Was out last night at the screening of a pilot episode I shot in December. I got 4th billing in the title credits - not bad out of a cast of 12. Lovely cinema we had hired too. Luxurious leather seats, cushions, and a button to press if you wanted a drink from the bar. The only downside was that it was in Edinburgh. Got back to Glasgow at 10pm, and ended up in a bar with 4 mates until 2am. Some random bloke bought us 2 rounds of red stripe and double bulleit bourbons. Judas Priest was playing on the jukebox - I closed my eyes and thought I was back in Crobar. Then met some woman from Doncaster, who insisted I looked like James Nesbitt...How much had she had, I wonder? Anyway, not feeling too sharp today, and have dinner at my parents tonight :(

In other news - my short vampire film is currently "on hold". I've gone for different look and feel, and rewritten the script. Pity I hadn't done that before posting up a casting call...Anyway, with the sale of my flat in London, financing the film has become a reality - budgeting about £2000 at the moment.

Right, I'm off to lie down again....

Apr. 1st, 2010

What have I done?

Heh, well, since the last journal post, a few things.

Couple of short films.
Devised and performed a piece of theatre which was shown at The Roxy, Edinburgh. Part of a friends 4th year Directing project. Feedback has been good, and there were people from "the industry" there, so may hopefully be contacted by an agent/agency.

Currently have the gears in motion to make a low/no-budget vampire film. Running time is about 8-10 minutes. Feedback on my script has been promising, and I'm pulling in contacts - including a friend who runs his own short film production company. Posted a casting call online, and have had a few responses - all for the female parts. I need a Count, but I'm not sure I should step into the role. I want to be able to stand back and see the scenes come to life, and know right away if something's working or not...Lots of work still to do - storyboards, shot lists, equipment and crew hire, rehearsals, auditions...

Anyhoo, I'm off out...Have a good Easter...

Dec. 16th, 2009

9 days to go...

Haven't even begun my Christmas shopping! Well, I tell a lie, I did order vouchers for my brother.

Been having a few good days recently, filming on various bits and bobs. Still need to sort out an agent up here though - which is in the process of happening. Did some filming at the weekend just gone, and got some good contacts through that. Hopefully they'll give me more work in the future.

Cooking the dinner tonight - another beef bourguignon, probably do my root vegetable mash with it. Few potatoes, bit of cabbage. It's been on simmering away for 3 hours now.

Anyway, still not moved in to my new flat yet. Lots of heel dragging going on with various bits and bobs. I want to be in before the New Year though. Just need a few more bits of furniture, a TV, and some pictures and things on the wall, and it'll be lovely.

Had the last night of my course at the RSAMD last night. Our group had to devise a piece based on Cinderella, but set in the jungle with a spy movie genre. I ended up as the Prince (naturally!), but he was a cross-dressing gay bloke who wanted to shaft Buttons, not the Princess. How I got talked into it, I'll never know. Went off to the pub afterwards, where I got a bit closer to someone in the group. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, I'm going for a song - wonder if it's this??

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my jock o lantern.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:

Nov. 30th, 2009

The Frozen Time

I'm sure it's going to snow up here in the next few hours. As I write this, I'm wearing 2 jumpers and a scarf (and a pair of jeans, incase you were wondering). Strange weather, it's either raining, foggy, or cold...

Anyway, tomorrow and Wednesday I'm filming my scenes for "Beneath The Shroud" in Edinburgh. Indoors too, which will be a bonus - some poor sods have to do an outdoor nightshoot in Edinburgh this week, and it's going to be brass monkey weather. The show is going to be marketed to commissioning people in the UK, and the US - if it's the US, some of us could be going over to film the planned episodes. All depends on issues surrounding recasts, etc. It's been nice to see parts of Edinburgh again, although having rehearsals in the Quakers Meeting House was a bit weird - particularly as the storyline for "BTS" involves cults.

Sad to see the demise of Borders. Although there were some fantastic reduced reads to be snapped up. Finally found Volume3 of Harold Pinter's plays - not to be sniffed at with 50% off! Decided to raid the Classic Fiction section too.

Should be moving into my new abode in the next couple of weeks - just sorting out some of the furniture, and a telly, but I'm almost there. The walls are a bit bare, and need some serious picture and mirror hanging - and my plans to have candle shaped wall lights running the length of the hall are in ruins, due to wire-running complexities.

Right, best go and practice my lines for an hour.


Nov. 4th, 2009

Thought it was about time

Seems that Time's wings are flip-flip-flippety-flapping ever faster these days. Still got lots to sort out before I can move into my new Glasgow flat. Discovered though that I have a couple of young ladies living next door. Must invite them to my flat warming :)

Have had a busy week, sorting out painters, electricians, telephones, fridges, etc. And then there were my 2 evening classes. I have to say, the one at the RSAMD is currently my favourite. It seems more structured and fun, and my classmates are easy to get on with, and not so full of themselves. On my Strathclyde course, there's a couple of people who have become diva-esque just because they're at level 3 of 4.

Halloween, I went out locally. There was a party at my local pub, in Lenzie, but only myself and the staff bothered dressing up. Kudos for me - the staff now talk to me more. And I got to bite Alice in Wonderland. As the evening moved on, I thought about staying for the best costume competition, but as I was the only candidate, I headed into Glasgow. Tried to get into Cathouse, and The Classic Grand - both were full. Headed to a place called Rockers, and had a fab night there. Live band was playing, I bit some woman in leathers (she asked me to), and made some friends. Night ended, said sod it to a taxi, and decided to kip on the sofa in my new abode - a mere 10 minutes walk from Rockers.

Sunday - mostly a blur, with a small hair of the dog.

Today, I'm in a fine mood. Heard back from an audition I went to on Friday. It was for a TV pilot episode, and I'm cast! Script read on Sunday coming, and then rehearsals/filming to follow. When all's finished, the pilot will be shown to TV channels, commissioning people, etc. Fingers crossed.

Ok, long update - now updated. So going bye-bye.


Oct. 12th, 2009

Sunset Gone...

This time last week, I was anticipating the opening night of "Sunset Song", and my first portrayal of my two characters. A week later, the run is over, and I'll be twiddling my thumbs tonight.

The run went extremely well. Sold out every night, and the feedback from people was really good. Friday night, after the performance, we all went out for an Indian. Fantabulous food, must go back! On Saturday night, we had the end of show party. Enough Chinese food and alcohol to sink a battleship! I think I polished off all 8 cans of lager I'd taken with me, plus some wine. I recall going onto an after-aftershow party, and having someone's guinea pig try to eat my finger. Woke up in a strange flat at 12 midday, and phoned my folks - who thought I was asleep in my own bed!

Took most of yesterday to recover, had a good 12 hours sleep last night, and tonight...Well, I'll be at a loose end. No rehearsals...Might as well go to the pub for a wee while.

Picking up the keys for my new flat on Thursday, and I'll be an official Glaswegian. I'm only a 7 minute walk away from the Glasgow Necropolis too! Happy Days. It'll take me a while to get everything ship-shape, but it'll be nice to be in my own space.

Down in London next week, planning Monday to Wednesday. Taking the train down, and then hiring a van, loading it up, and driving it to Glasgow...No way am I paying over £500 for someone else to do it!!

Off to photograph the lovely golden leaves on the tree outside. The sunlight's just catching them perfectly.


Oct. 8th, 2009

Up North

Still alive, and just popped in for a quick update.

In Glasgow now, well just a few miles outside. Getting keys for my new flat next week. Just have the hassle of moving everything up from London, and getting furniture organised for the flat.

The "scene" up here is ok - even my home town has lots of kids wandering around in black. I'm seeing Cyberdog and Aderlass clothing. Sort of thing that would have seen the stuffing kicked out of you 10 years ago! Nice to see it's changing.

Glasgow has a couple of rock venues and bars, and there's gigs going on. Seeing VNV Nation + Ayria on 20th October.

Currently in a play up here - Sunset Song. Playing 2 main characters, which is quite challenging, particularly when I have 4 fast (1/2 minute) costume changes during Act 1. First three nights have gone amazingly well. Even had an adjudicator from the SCDA (Scottish Community Drama Association) there last night. He'd travelled 120 miles to see it, and he was not disappointed. Hopefully, we'll pick up an award. Personally, I was given a glowing report, and ranked 2nd in his scoring. 3 more performances to go.

New evening acting courses starting soon - one at the RSAMD, one at Strathclyde Uni. Can't wait!

Anyway, off to bed. Got a lot to do tomorrow - including the neverending job hunt!

Aug. 31st, 2009

End of Days

The countdown has started...As of mid-October, I shall no longer be a citizen on London - but a citizen of Glasgow. Bought a nice 2 bedroom flat today - the extra bedroom being a bonus if anyone fancies a visit.

It was a long, hard decision. But what cemented it was signing onto a course at the RSAMD, and another couple of arty things up here. Heck, there'll be a lot to sort out...Things to cancel, and services to reroute.

Sadly, the alternative/Goth scene up here seems to be confined to the under-25s, with not much sign of alternative friendly pubs or clubs. Still, I'm sure I'll unearth some.

Joining the Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis, with one eye on becoming a tour guide.

Guess I'll be planning a leaving thingmy somewhere - details to follow, but I generally hate goodbyes.

Before I sign off - What's a Satanist's favourite baking ingredient?....Desecrated coconut...Ok.Ok. I'm going!

Aug. 18th, 2009

New Chapter

Well, it seems as though Glasgow is ready for me...I've very quickly made new friends in my local, hooked up with old acquaintances, and stepped on no toes...

However! (dramatic pause, please!) I'm only 85% sure that I want to move back. Indeed, my pater gave me the "only come back if it's your decision" routine. Something I think my mother cajoled (is that the word? If it is, pardon the spelling) my father into saying. Well, as it transpires, I'm here off and on for a while...I've just been cast in a play in the local theatre group, and I've applied for an evening course at the RSAMD...There's still a wee bit of indecision in my head, but I think the time is right to move back. I know I'll be leaving behind a lot of friends, and a lot of social stuff (the alternative scene is crap in Glasgow), but you're all welcome to come and pay a visit (not all at the same time) if I decide that Glasgow is my city of abodage.

Anyhoo, I'm back in London from 24th-30th, anyone who fancies a drink, tough! I've no money...Jocking aside, see you in VC, LVG, Slimelight, or other such gubbins!

Aug. 13th, 2009

The Whisper of Your Voice

We were together, once upon a time,
But you left my side one night.
You had no choice.
You couldn't say goodbye.
You left me all alone.

Now I kneel beside your grave,
Dropping tears on the soil, like endless rain.
The only thing I crave to hear,
Is the whisper of your voice.

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