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Aug. 11th, 2009

Glasgow, Once More

Firstly, let me thank Virgin Trains for an amazingly shite journey yesterday. I'd been told I couldn't book a seat on the train in advance, and I found out why. It was already fully booked. Half of the train was made up of first class coaches, which were 3/4 empty when we left Euston. Consequently, many of us were left in standing. When I said I'd like an aisle seat, I didn't plan on it being a seat on top of my suitcase opposite a toilet...

Anyway, I got back to the parental seat last night. A sleepy little town, not far from Glasgow. It was lovely to walk home from the pub last night, in virtual silence. No people, and no traffic. Just me and myself.

Decided to check out a local theatre group last night, and went along to the readthrough for their Autumn play - Sunset Song. The auditions are on Thursday, and they seem quite keen to see me there. If things go well, I'll have to extend my stay up here.

Probably going to do some flat hunting when I'm up here, and at the same time continue to ask myself if I'm doing the right thing.

Well, best get on and read Sunset Song again - nothing else to do, given the rain outside.

Jul. 13th, 2009

Angel Sky

So, there was me - about 6am Sunday - leaving Slimelight because my back was playing up. Not sure what it was, but my lower back muscles went into meltdown.

Made my way along to Angel station, with the aid of the railings. Walking was agony. Just outside the tube station, I saw the bus to Victoria pulling up. I decided to run for it. Big mistake. I remember letting go of the railings, but little else until I woke up with a view of the sky and people looking down at me - police, fellow goths, and others. Whether I slipped, or just collapsed, I don't know. My money is on a discarded chip. I recall seeing a couple. Consequently, I cracked my head open on the pavement, knocked myself out, and needed an ambulance called (my thanks to the young couple who did so). I thought I was ok at first, until I touched the back of my head and got my hand covered in blood. Left a big puddle of the red stuff on the pavement too. As I was in full regalia, the ambulance staff were joking about my fangs, and how I shouldn't be out after sunrise.

So, early Sunday morning, the bods at UCL Hospital patched me up, and I made my way home. I must have looked a sight in my bloodied clothes at 10am on a Sunday!

Today I hurt all over, I must have gone down bottom first, as my tail bone is giving me hell. I can't bend over, and I'm still a bit dazed I think.

Tomorrow I'm off to the GP to have a checkover. Blood pressure was discovered to be a bit high, so needs investigated...

Jun. 3rd, 2009

A Slight Ache

Well, time is telling me how long I've been around. Monday morning, I could hardly move, having knackered my back somehow. Still hurts today, and goes into the occasional spasm, but at least I can stand. Think I need to visit a chiro-thingmy.

I blame all the standing around I did on Sunday, while filming on "Secret Diary of A Call Girl". Must say, Billie was looking fantastic in black! Amazing to think that she's gone from an annoying pop brat to a cracking looking lass. Sadly, spoken for, but hey!

Not a lot of work around at the moment. There was talk of a 3 day stint on Poirot as an M16 agent, but it's all off.

Guess it's back to thumb twiddling, and line learning for the moment.

May. 13th, 2009

Over and Done

Well, 9.30am arrived. I was at the RSAMD. I got called into the audition room, and got the shock of my life. James MacPherson a.k.a. Mike Jardine from Taggart was one of the 2 panel members. Talk about not being put under pressure!

My Shakespeare piece went ok-ish, better than expected I thought. I slipped up a wee bit in my modern speech, which was unforgivable as I'd had it in my armoury for 2 years. The song - let's just say I got about 30 seconds into it before being asked to stop. Coming out of the audition, I had all the optimism of a fly that had just flown into a spider's web. Sure enough, I was out in the first round. Mind you, so were about 17 of the other 25 auditionees. Felt a bit weird at the audition. I was the only one over 25, although some of the girls didn't believe I was as old as 34 :P

Maybe age did count against me, in addition to the general shiteness of my singing. So, where do I go now? Don't know. Time to regroup, and rethink. I've got a couple of days to relax anyway. It's a sunny day here. I'm going for a walk. I may be gone some time...

May. 12th, 2009

Long Weekend

Sunday - a long day. Up at 3am, to get ready. Then caught 2 nightbuses to Kings X station. And a minibus from there to Bramley, in Hampshire. My destination: a disused WW2 army base. Was filming scenes for Foyle's War all day long, in a cold hangar. Didn't finish until 7pm, but it was 3 hours overtime, so no complaints.

Monday, rushed around to pack a suitcase, and then dashed off to Kings X station (once again!) to catch a train up to Glasgow. The journey was quite pleasant, apart from the 2 drunks who got on at Newcastle - one stank to high heaven, the other thought belching loudly was an artform. Thankfully, they got off the train in Berwick.

Today, I've been finishing off preparations for my RSAMD audition tomorrow. I'm feeling calm now. I've nailed my 2 speeches, but my song will be the killer - my killer. I just know I'll end up being like one of those jokers who turn up on the X Factor, and get laughed off.

If it does go ten toes up, at least I'll have tried. And perhaps I should consider some form of singing lesson?

Back down to London on Saturday afternoon. Then work on Sunday - hopefully at somewhere in central London!

May. 5th, 2009

Coughs and Sneezes...

Means hayfever season is here again! Saturday, all day, I sneezed like a something that sneezes a lot. At one point I was considering calling up NHS Direct to see if I had swine flu. But as I didn't round off any sneezes with "oink, oink!", I decided it was hayfever.

Weekend had the potential to be messy. Friday night, I went out with the intention of having just a couple of pints in The Bedford. Alas, the course of true drinking never runs soberly. Having got to the pub at 6pm, I found myself leaving it at 1am. Thence to seek out a kebab. On the way to get my meaty feast, I totally forgot about the crooked paving slab I'd been avoiding all week. Wallop! Straight down like a sack of spuds...Grazed hands and knees, and a bit of tendon twanging in one elbow - but nothing Wandsworth Council can't be sued for.

Saturday - bit lost with aforementioned pollen troubles.

Sunday & Yesterday, very lazy days. But had to get to bed early last night, as it was up at 4.30am to get to Uxbridge for 7am. Was filming on The Kevin Bishop Show. Fortunately I was all done by noon, so I'm now having a siesta (sort of), and trying to learn the song for my RSAMD audition (next week!)

Apr. 30th, 2009

Busy Times

Thankfully, I've been a bit busier in the last couple of weeks.

Last Monday was a hell of a day - up at 4.45 to get to Elstree for a day on Holby, 2 hours break, and then off on a nightshoot on the next Harry Potter film. Rolled home at 6am, dog-tired, grabbed some R&R, and then back out for another 10pm start on Harry P the following night.

Things quietened down for the rest of the week, and I thought my run of work was at an end. I'd planned a lie in in Monday morning, but the phone rang at 9.15. I was asked if I could get myself down to South Wimbledon asap to do The Bill. So 3/4 hour later I was on set, hobnobbing with some of the actors who play the CID bods (who played hangman with me, and gave me some very useful acting info and contacts.) That initial call turned into 3 days of work, so I'm quite happy to have a rest day today.

Class this afternoon, and then I'm picking up photos from my new agent. Hopefully more work coming my way too!


Apr. 21st, 2009


Well, there really was nothing quite like standing around Central London for 4 hours last night, being harrassed by the junkies, drunks, and wannabe gangstas.

About 300 of us were roll-called for work on Harry Potter last night. And on we rolled until 5.30am. Had to wait 1/2 hour for the tube, and then got to Balham for 6.30...Bloody Caffe Nero wasn't open :(

Rolled home to bed, and had a restless sleep until 2pm. Back to the grind for another night shoot tonight - I'm sort of hoping they won't do a third night tomorrow, else I may die...

Apr. 20th, 2009

Weekend & Clocks

Not much of a weekend really. Lashed on Friday, not so lashed on Saturday. Yesterday did some cooking and relaxing.

Today, I beat the crack of dawn, and woke up first. 4.45am start, cos I was working on Holby City at 7.30 this morning - a nice featured role this time, with front page listing under the celebs on the sides pages. Fortunately, we wrapped at 2pm - I say fortunately because I'm working on Harry Potter tonight from 10pm-6am. I had visions of finishing one job, and going straight to the next without any break for dinner...

Tomorrow daytime I shall be sleeping, and it's back out to Harry Potter at 10pm Tuesday night...What joy! But at least it's a bit of money.

Talking of money, it's running low, and I could well be back up the road in Glasgow by July. Mind you, I've got my RSAMD audition to look forward to - maybe I could get in there and sponge off the folks for a wee while.


Apr. 14th, 2009

How many times can a person f**k up?!

I reckon if I tried changing a lightbulb today, I'd either fall off the chair, or get a zap of eleccy through my bod.

My run of luck has, well - run out.

At the weekend, I was so looking forward to getting my photos done for the new agent. But muggins 'ere marked it down in his diary as Sunday - so I got to the studio in Shoreditch, only to be told the session had been held the day before...Sure enough, I'd somehow confused Saturday with Sunday (hardly surprising, given the state of the disjointed, fragmented thoughts, and other bloody crap floating around my grey cells).

Got my paperwork through for the RSAMD - they want me to audition on 13th May. I think I will, even though I have to sing. It'll mean a trip to Glasgow, but it'll be nice to see my folks.

Anyway, off to make dinner - I'll probably burn myself...


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