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It May be...

So another month passes. Not entirely fruitless. I finally got paid for a web project I got a commission for.

My courses at RSAMD and the Citizens Theatre are going ok, with public performances inbound in June! Better get my lines learned.

Was out last night at the screening of a pilot episode I shot in December. I got 4th billing in the title credits - not bad out of a cast of 12. Lovely cinema we had hired too. Luxurious leather seats, cushions, and a button to press if you wanted a drink from the bar. The only downside was that it was in Edinburgh. Got back to Glasgow at 10pm, and ended up in a bar with 4 mates until 2am. Some random bloke bought us 2 rounds of red stripe and double bulleit bourbons. Judas Priest was playing on the jukebox - I closed my eyes and thought I was back in Crobar. Then met some woman from Doncaster, who insisted I looked like James Nesbitt...How much had she had, I wonder? Anyway, not feeling too sharp today, and have dinner at my parents tonight :(

In other news - my short vampire film is currently "on hold". I've gone for different look and feel, and rewritten the script. Pity I hadn't done that before posting up a casting call...Anyway, with the sale of my flat in London, financing the film has become a reality - budgeting about £2000 at the moment.

Right, I'm off to lie down again....


I've always thought u look a bit like james Nesbitt


I always thought he looked like Rab C Nesbitt.
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May 2010

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