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Thought it was about time

Seems that Time's wings are flip-flip-flippety-flapping ever faster these days. Still got lots to sort out before I can move into my new Glasgow flat. Discovered though that I have a couple of young ladies living next door. Must invite them to my flat warming :)

Have had a busy week, sorting out painters, electricians, telephones, fridges, etc. And then there were my 2 evening classes. I have to say, the one at the RSAMD is currently my favourite. It seems more structured and fun, and my classmates are easy to get on with, and not so full of themselves. On my Strathclyde course, there's a couple of people who have become diva-esque just because they're at level 3 of 4.

Halloween, I went out locally. There was a party at my local pub, in Lenzie, but only myself and the staff bothered dressing up. Kudos for me - the staff now talk to me more. And I got to bite Alice in Wonderland. As the evening moved on, I thought about staying for the best costume competition, but as I was the only candidate, I headed into Glasgow. Tried to get into Cathouse, and The Classic Grand - both were full. Headed to a place called Rockers, and had a fab night there. Live band was playing, I bit some woman in leathers (she asked me to), and made some friends. Night ended, said sod it to a taxi, and decided to kip on the sofa in my new abode - a mere 10 minutes walk from Rockers.

Sunday - mostly a blur, with a small hair of the dog.

Today, I'm in a fine mood. Heard back from an audition I went to on Friday. It was for a TV pilot episode, and I'm cast! Script read on Sunday coming, and then rehearsals/filming to follow. When all's finished, the pilot will be shown to TV channels, commissioning people, etc. Fingers crossed.

Ok, long update - now updated. So going bye-bye.



Bloody hell - sounds like things are turning very positive! Well done! Though it must have been (and probably still is to parts) still daunting. Sounds like your new abode is in a good location (referring to the club not the females inviting you to bite them, though you appear quite to like that! lol).

Wonderful news about the cast! And your class sounds quite enjoyable! Hope it all continues that well!

Best wishes

Ps Advance notice of your house warming?!

May 2010

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