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Sunset Gone...

This time last week, I was anticipating the opening night of "Sunset Song", and my first portrayal of my two characters. A week later, the run is over, and I'll be twiddling my thumbs tonight.

The run went extremely well. Sold out every night, and the feedback from people was really good. Friday night, after the performance, we all went out for an Indian. Fantabulous food, must go back! On Saturday night, we had the end of show party. Enough Chinese food and alcohol to sink a battleship! I think I polished off all 8 cans of lager I'd taken with me, plus some wine. I recall going onto an after-aftershow party, and having someone's guinea pig try to eat my finger. Woke up in a strange flat at 12 midday, and phoned my folks - who thought I was asleep in my own bed!

Took most of yesterday to recover, had a good 12 hours sleep last night, and tonight...Well, I'll be at a loose end. No rehearsals...Might as well go to the pub for a wee while.

Picking up the keys for my new flat on Thursday, and I'll be an official Glaswegian. I'm only a 7 minute walk away from the Glasgow Necropolis too! Happy Days. It'll take me a while to get everything ship-shape, but it'll be nice to be in my own space.

Down in London next week, planning Monday to Wednesday. Taking the train down, and then hiring a van, loading it up, and driving it to Glasgow...No way am I paying over £500 for someone else to do it!!

Off to photograph the lovely golden leaves on the tree outside. The sunlight's just catching them perfectly.



Oh wow, i've always wanted to visit the necropolis - you are soo lucky. Good luck with the move.
Well done on the run

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