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End of Days

The countdown has started...As of mid-October, I shall no longer be a citizen on London - but a citizen of Glasgow. Bought a nice 2 bedroom flat today - the extra bedroom being a bonus if anyone fancies a visit.

It was a long, hard decision. But what cemented it was signing onto a course at the RSAMD, and another couple of arty things up here. Heck, there'll be a lot to sort out...Things to cancel, and services to reroute.

Sadly, the alternative/Goth scene up here seems to be confined to the under-25s, with not much sign of alternative friendly pubs or clubs. Still, I'm sure I'll unearth some.

Joining the Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis, with one eye on becoming a tour guide.

Guess I'll be planning a leaving thingmy somewhere - details to follow, but I generally hate goodbyes.

Before I sign off - What's a Satanist's favourite baking ingredient?....Desecrated coconut...Ok.Ok. I'm going!


Sorry you're losing London, but wow, look at all the happenings you've created by decisions, and change. Really, utterly, good for you. I know that I work best by major changes of moving, and once I decided, I'm not stopping. Amazing what happens when you plant, and work, what comes of what you've done. I'm just hoping that I've just sown teh last bits to sew and come together.

Good luck!
Aw! You'll be missed!! =( but hope you'll be happy there lovely! *big hugs* xxxx
Good luck. Cool you've bought a flat.
Desecrated coconut? DESECRATED COCONUT!?!?

That implies that the coconuts were in some way holy. How did they become holy, I wonder? Did they go on a pilgrimage? Are you suggesting cocouts migrate? : )

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