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New Chapter

Well, it seems as though Glasgow is ready for me...I've very quickly made new friends in my local, hooked up with old acquaintances, and stepped on no toes...

However! (dramatic pause, please!) I'm only 85% sure that I want to move back. Indeed, my pater gave me the "only come back if it's your decision" routine. Something I think my mother cajoled (is that the word? If it is, pardon the spelling) my father into saying. Well, as it transpires, I'm here off and on for a while...I've just been cast in a play in the local theatre group, and I've applied for an evening course at the RSAMD...There's still a wee bit of indecision in my head, but I think the time is right to move back. I know I'll be leaving behind a lot of friends, and a lot of social stuff (the alternative scene is crap in Glasgow), but you're all welcome to come and pay a visit (not all at the same time) if I decide that Glasgow is my city of abodage.

Anyhoo, I'm back in London from 24th-30th, anyone who fancies a drink, tough! I've no money...Jocking aside, see you in VC, LVG, Slimelight, or other such gubbins!


I think we all know when the time is right for each of us to move from London. I have to say I haven't been happier with my decision. Best of luck whatever you choose.
As above (only I'm happiest when I'm in London)... Wish you all the best whatever you do!! You'll be missed x

May 2010

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